Frequently asked Questions


Alternative Transportation

What Can We Ride? 

   Anything that is NOT powered by petroleum or fossil fuel products. Roller skates, roller blades, human powered scooters are also allowed. Electric scooters might be considered on an individual basis and is a discussion topic at the moment due to safety reasons. 

What about Mopeds? 

    We might consider that option, however, the fuel powered portion of the bike cannot be used. We might require that the spark plug be removed and held until the ride ends.

   I saw a solar powered thing one year but its not a bicycle, why is that OK ?

     Because it demonstrates the use of renewable energy. It was built on a 4 wheel bicycle frame system. There are Tricycles allowed also. Some folks are not physically capable of a 2 wheeled bike and we respect their devotion. 


Bicycle Safety

Are helmets required?

   Los Angeles does have a helmet law, however we do not require them for our ride. Please understand that helmets protect the head in case of falls and safe riding is encouraged. 

   Do you have to carry clothes on the ride or leave them at the staging area?

     You can leave them at the staging area or take a small backpack or bike bag for something to put on if you need to leave the route. 

Can we ride faster, the ride goes to slow.

  The ride is not a race. We keep a safe pace in order for everyone to be able to participate. 

Body Positivity

I'm not in great shape, do I HAVE to be naked?

     No you do not, the event is ride as bare as you dare.  You are welcome at your own comfort levels and even if you decide to disrobe during the route, that is fine. Body positivity is the concept that all bodies are beautiful and nobody at the ride will be judgemental regarding anyone elses physical appearance. We have riders of all ages, sizes and colors who participate and many people find out that even if they think they aren't comfortable nude, once they get involved, they are able to disrobe  easily and find the experience liberatin

Is it legal to be nude, do I risk getting arested or cited 

      No full nudity is acceptable and according to law is legal at this event. LEWD behavior however will not be tolerated and is a citeable offense.  NUDE IS NOT LEWD, please contact us if you have any questions about what is considered lewd. 

Family Safe

Can I bring my kids? 

 Yes, the event is a public event and nothing about the event is inappropriate for youth or people of any age. We allow kids to ride or be in bike trailers or seats, or they can ride along.  Parent or guardians MUST ride with the youth and not leave them unattended, and if they tire out or start to fall behind, they will be picked up by our safety vehicle and finish the ride in the truck. 

Is my kid allowed to be naked, I saw several kids  in previous rides shirtless but not nude. 

  That is a parental decision. We do not require it for safety reasons, but we will not stop a parent from allowing their kids to ride nude if they feel fit to do so, we have had riders in their teens ride without incidents or concerns. After all this is a naked bike ride. We do strongly encourage safety equipment such as helmets, knee and elbow pads when children ride.

Is it legal to ride nude? 

While riding and on the route simple nudity is legal. Please refer to our BODY POSITIVITY page for details. 

Donations and Tips

Why do you ask for donations instead of charging for tickets?  

We are not here to make a profit off participants, but there are incurred costs to organize the ride. These costs include but not limited to portapotties, gratuity to our volunteer motorcycle officers, safety equipment for our volunteers, communication equipment for our ride leaders, and other unseen expenses. We do not want to make anyone feel that they cannot join if they have to pay. This is a free public event and we want everyone regardless of financial situations to be able to enjoy it. 

Is it ok to give tip to the body painters?  

Yes, gratuities at the body paint booth, and  vendors is allowed. Gratuity has always been a big part of the service industry and it shows the provider that they are appreciated. 

Who is in charge?

We will soon be a registered Non Profit Organization which means better event growth, more options to help public awareness and more ways to help educate society on important issues that so many people believe in.

Our board of directors will include Michael Beals, Rolf Holbach, Kanesha Hamilton, Ron Mercer, Robert Young. Any of these  organizers can be found at the event if you have questions about the organization.  


Can I take pictures if I'm not a rider?

     WE do approve media photographers for legitimate reasons to be present but we do not allow just anyone to harass participants for photos. Media staff MUST register as media with our staff. Participants are welcome to commemorate your experience. If you are fully clothed and not a participant and someone complains, you will be asked to leave the area. Photography is NOT to be used for inappropriate websites and we ask that anyone taking pictures ASKS permission before taking photos of individuals. If you are a rider, we expect that you share some of your images with us for our private gallery and include some of yourself as well. 

What if I find photos of me somewhere that I don't approve of?

   We cannot control the integrity of everyone, but if that happens, please let us know and we will do everything we can to help you get them removed from that location. Please remember that this is a public event on public streets and it is meant to promote and educate the public about alternative transportation, safety, body positivity and social acceptance of public nudity, so respectful photography is welcomed at the event. 

What if I don't want my picture taken?

  This is a public event that takes place on public streets, there is no way to stop anyone from taking photos. We try to enforce respectful photography within the ride. If you are concerned about recognition, we do allow masks and face scarfs to be worn to help individual anonymity. 

Is it legal to ride nude

Alternative Transportation


If it is NOT powered by fossil fuels we will consider allowing it in the ride. If you have questions, feel free to ask. 

Bicycle safety


We need more public awareness of the need for better bicycle safety.

Body Positivity


Public awareness of the truth that nude is not lewd needs to be improved and that the human body should not be shamed regardless of size, ethnicity, age or health conditions. 

Family Safe


Nudity in its basic form is completely natural and proven to be psychologically safe for all ages

Non Profit Organization


 Why do we have to donate if its a free public event?  Donations are not required, but there are growing costs that are incurred in the planning and organization of the ride to help you have a more enjoyable experience. We have to cover costs of portapotties, safety equipment for our volunteers, communication equipment for volunteers, gratuity donations for our motorcycle traffic officers who volunteer thier time to help keep us safe on the streets, and many other expenses. 

We are a soon to be legally operating NPO dedicated to making a better Los Angeles through events and education. Business donations and sponsors committed to improving Los Angeles are welcome



Photography is an excellent way to share and outreach but should never be abused or done in a disrespectful manner or for alternative motives. We encourage photography at the events but we do expect photographers to respect peoples privacy and ask permission before taking individual shots. Media photographer must register to be identified as Media in order to interview and video anyone at the ride.