Why we ride

Tesla electric vehicle used as lead vehicle to show our commitment to alternative fuel vehicles


​​Burning fossil fuels, no matter how efficiently, still pollutes our environment. Also no matter how much drilling and fracking we do, eventually we WILL run out of natural fossil fuel.


​Burning fossil fuels is not the only way we are hurting our environment. Deforestation, strip mining, wasteful consumption for the purpose of building refineries, auto assembly plants, textile factories, etc are ways we are destroying the world we live in. The automotive and textile industry, although are important to our way of life, do produce a lot of waste products and uses a lot of materials that could be reduces by alternative and human powered transportation. Human powered transportation also encourages a healthy body and can reduce health costs in long term.


​Riding your bike, using skateboards, scooters, roller blades, skates, and other human powered forms of transportation is not only good for your environment, but also great exercise for good health, family rides are great ways to encourage family exercise and recreation.

The main issue in most cities is the safety concern with sharing the road with cars and trucks.

WE RIDE TO: bring attention to this form of transportation so that people with automobiles learn to notice and recognize humans using natural human power as recreation or commuting transportation.


Why we ride naked


It has been proven over the years of bike ride events that NAKED HUMANS get noticed faster than clothed riders, this combined with the fact that the naked human is a natural body regardless to ethnicity, gender or body structure and is neither lewd nor inappropriate in a public place, therefore we have riders of all ages, ethnicities, genders and body structures that are comfortable riding for the cause.

​For safety reasons we do not encourage riders under 18 to be nude, however all riders do ride at their own discretion.

Join us

Join us each year for a day of good family fun and a great tour of Los Angeles at a pace that riders of all ages and body structures can enjoy